Meet the founder, Ali Bullano

Ali is an international yoga and meditation teacher, a business owner, and social worker. As an undergraduate Psychology student at Virginia Commonwealth University, Ali took a class called Zen Buddhism which changed the way she thought about life. That class sparked her hunt for self-realization and since then, she has explored various techniques to increase awareness and reduce suffering. Through the self-healing properties of meditation and yoga, her life transformed from depressive and anxiety-ridden to open-hearted and purposeful.

Ali has been teaching since 2012 and has completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training education with Yax Yoga Concepts, based in Virginia Beach. She moved from Richmond, Virginia to Denver, Colorado in 2015 and opened Zenver Yoga in Highlands Square shortly after. She has since closed the physical studio but continues to teach live-stream and in-person classes at Nurture, a wellcare marketplace in the Highlands. 

In Ali's classes you’ll experience guided meditation, breathwork, meditative music, and intelligent sequencing focused on opening the myofascial lines of the body. She weaves contemplative themes and insights into each class to build awareness and to encourage mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. With her affectionate personality, heartwarming approach, and soothing voice, you will feel right at home.

Ali holds a Master's degree in Social Work, offers holistic mental health counseling through The Golden Wellness Center, and has current interests in nature-based therapy, mindfulness and somatic-based therapies, and energy healing. When Ali is in her element she is dancing to live music, going barefoot in nature (earthing is a game changer), enjoying Italian food, and traveling. 

What People Are Saying About Ali's Classes

"Ali's classes always offer innovative flows, meditative breath, and a peaceful shavansana. The best!" -Katy Cole

"Take this class if you like a good sweat sesh! Loved it!" -Stephanie Shaw

"An amazing one-of-a-kind yoga experience - we started with a gentle flow and meditation leading into a deeper yoga nidra meditation - I left feeling the ultimate yogic high, completely relaxed and rejuvenated. A great practice for the mind and body." -Allison Orr (review from a Yoga Nidra Workshop)

"Such a great flow, the instructor was clear and concise, made my CoronaSunday!" -Anonymous

"One of the best yoga classes I’ve had - Ali Set a great pace for class, was extremely respectful and had a lot of wonderful things to say on top of an excellent session. Excellent flow and set of poses. . I hope to go to more of her classes specifically. Thank you so much." -Anonymous

"Ali's class is a perfectly balanced flow leaving the practitioner feeling both invigorated yet relaxed! -A breath of fresh air for the increasingly power focused Denver yoga community!" -Anonymous

"Favorite yoga class and teacher I’ve had so far!" " -Anonymous

"Peaceful and challenging flow class!" -Anonymous

"Ali was awesome 🙂 perfect mix of workout and meditations. Loved it!" -Anonymous

"Really fun flow with a good mix of stretching and vinyasa. 75 minutes flew by. Ali was a great teacher and very friendly." -Anonymous

"Amazing class! Very introspective and inspiring 🙂 Exactly what I needed!" -Anonymous

"Great meditation and intention to get me through the evening!" -Anonymous

"Ali was a thoughtful, calm and very aware instructor! I'll be back!" -Anonymous

"Fantastic class! Ali is wonderful. Will definitely take again :)"" -Anonymous

"GREAT class. Perfect amount of breathing work and stretching. Left feeling refreshed & centered." -Anonymous

"Energizing and fun! I haven't done yoga for a while and the instructor was helpful."" -Anonymous

"Calming voice and good variety of flow" -Anonymous