Is Zenver closing?

  • The physical studio space at 3729 32nd Avenue is closed but Zenver as a brand, a vibe, a spirit, will stay alive through many different avenues. Through Ali’s weekly classes (live-stream/Nurture). Through the online community. Through online content focusing on yoga, mental health, and wellness (follow us on Instagram & Facebook). Through local and international retreats. Through community events, retreats, and trainings.

When is the physical studio space closing?

  • As of June 1st, we will no longer occupy the physical studio space on 32nd Avenue.

Will you still be hosting live-stream classes on Zoom?

  • Ali will offer her Sunday 10am MST class on Zoom (starting June 21st) and in-person at Nurture (starting July 5th at a limited capacity). Click here to sign up for future classes.


What is Nurture? Where is Nurture located?

  • Nurture, a Wellcare Marketplace, is a convenient, single location for the community to enjoy beauty, wellness, and fitness offerings, while simultaneously coming together to support local businesses and enjoy being together. Whether you’re looking for a place to gather for a cocktail with friends, in search of a new yoga class, on the lookout for a new therapist, or needing a haircut, Nurture has you covered.
  • Nurture is located at 2949 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211

How can I sign up for classes with Ali on Zoom and at Nurture?

What’s happening to all of the teachers?

  • They are all still around and want to connect with you! We encourage you to follow them on social media and support their individual efforts. We will be sharing their Facebook pages, IG handles, and upcoming events and classes on our social media pages.

Will you still hold workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats?

  • YES! The next yoga teacher training is postponed until a later date while we explore an in-person and online hybrid format.
  • The Peru retreat is rescheduled for March 10-26, 2021 (and yes there are spaces available)!
  • We are planning on doing a small Yoga + Hot Springs Retreat at Mt Princeton again next January (our 3rd year in a row - dates will be announced soon)!

It was mentioned that Ali feels called to expand into the mental health space, how does she plan to do that?

  • Ali holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and has a current interest in mindfulness, somatic, and nature-based therapies. As she explores her new career, she will share her insights and offerings on the @zenveryoga IG and FB pages.

I have an unused Class Pack, Membership, or Gift Card. Who can I talk to about that?

I have more questions, can I send an email?

  • Yes, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all questions by emailing