A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach.

Zenver offers holistic psychotherapy for women, focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic Psychotherapy can Help You

  • Stressed, burnt-out, anxious, or depressed?
  • Feel like you’re moving through life in a daze, or always on edge?
  • Feel like your lost in life and lacking purpose?
  • Navigating a tough life transition?
  • Want to learn how to harness your intuition and tap into your innate spiritual gifts?

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Holistic Therapy with Ali

Ali Bullano MSW, LSW, E-RYT is a somatically trained therapist, social worker, and trauma-informed yoga teacher. She has combined her skills in each of these areas to create a unique form of psychotherapy that is guaranteed to deliver results.

Holistic Psychotherapy is more than just talk therapy — Holistic Psychotherapy incorporates the mind, body, and spirit in its approach to healing. In therapy, you will learn how to identify and release emotions in your body, to listen to your intuition, and to use mindfulness to develop present moment awareness. Spiritual elements can be explored to deepen your connection with something greater than yourself.

With these combined modalities, Ali helps you reclaim your inner world, work more fully through your problems, and approach life with more purpose and ease.

Depression & Anxiety Treatment

The nervous system has been proven to play an important role in both depression and anxiety. By working with Ali in therapy, you’ll learn to become more aware of shifts and changes in your nervous system, and develop coping skills to regulate when needed. We’ll also explore the root causes of your anxiety and depression.

Somatic Trauma Therapy

Our bodies hold all of our stories and we cannot experience true wellness without tending to them. Somatic therapy can help you process unresolved past circumstances — big and small — not just in the mind, but on a cellular level. Somatic therapy can offer you the support needed to resolve the effect these circumstances have had on your life. 

Spiritual, Soul-based Therapy

Spirituality can deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you. These elements can include rituals, psychedelic integration, or working with ancestral or past life trauma. Beliefs, emotions, and trauma can be passed down from older generations, and they may not be yours to hold.

Ali is currently accepting new clients in-person at Zenver in Denver’s Highlands Square and via telehealth. Request a consultation today!