Take the Holistic Approach.

Zenver offers holistic psychotherapy for adults and couple & family therapy.

Holistic Psychotherapy can Help You

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Holistic Therapy with Ali Bullano MSW, LSW, E-RYT 500

Holistic Psychotherapy incorporates the mind, body, and spirit in its approach to healing. It’s more than just talk therapy, as we’ll pay attention to how the body responds to the topics we discuss. We also offer to incorporate spiritual elements to your mental health journey. These modalities combined can help you reclaim your inner world and work fully through your problems, so you can approach life with more purpose and ease. Learn more here.

Couples & Family Psychotherapy with Carolyn Fulton LCSW, CYT 500

Relationships are a beautiful, but complex part of our lives. When relationships are strained, assistance from a trained professional can help. Carolyn offers couples and family therapy sessions to help improve communication skills and create better understanding between you and your partner/family. Learn more here.