Improve your relationships, improve your life.

Carolyn Fulton, LCSW, offers individual, couple & family therapy specializing in enhancing relational connection, intimacy, trauma, and loss.

Individual, Couple & Family Psychotherapy

  • Are you struggling with a life changing situation or serious illness that is impacting your relationships or your life?
  • Do you feel stuck in your ability to communicate openly with your partner or family member?
  • Are you looking to enhance your emotional or physical intimacy with your partner?
  • Are you and your partner so stuck that you worry it may lead to separation?
  • Are you interested in understanding how your culture of origin or family dynamics have impacted how you live your life?
  • Carolyn can help, whether through individual therapy or therapy with your partner or family involved.
Psychotherapy with Carolyn 

Carolyn Fulton, LCSW, CYT 500, is a licensed clinical social worker and trained family therapist, who has been practicing individual, family, couple, and support group psychotherapy for over 20 years.

She specializes in relationships, intimacy, illness, trauma, and loss. Her therapeutic work with clients focuses on exploring how family, religion, and culture of origin influence how one learns to adapt in the world, independently and when exploring new areas of intimacy and connection.

Carolyn believes in the importance of her own self-work, acknowledging that understanding one’s relationship to privilege regarding ethnicity, color, and other intersectional identities are a lifelong study.

Carolyn is an Ackerman Trained Family therapist and uses the Ackerman relational model. She also utilizes the EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy) framework.

Couple Therapy

Engaging in couple therapy gives people an opportunity to tune into one another in a space held by a neutral party. Learn ways to enhance your emotional and physical intimacy, communicate more productively around the various roles you carry, and to foster growth as you evolve as a couple.

Family Therapy

Family therapy offers an opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively with all family members. You’ll look at how everyone in the family is relating, and identify what’s difficult to communicate to each other and why.

 Individual Therapy

We all need opportunities to tune into ourselves, reflect more on how we are living our lives day to day, explore where we find difficulty in how we think about ourselves personally, professionally, relationally, and also understand better how we carry our emotions in our physical body. Individual Therapy is a great way to invest in this reflective time to focus on you.